Discover Places You'll Love.

Find places nearby

The next time you’re out with friends standing on a street corner wondering where you can go, now you’ll just be able to pull up a map view of your list and find places you’ve been to or see places you’ve added to your list from people you follow.

Never again will you utter the words “hey remember that place we went to a few weeks ago, I think it’s near here, wish I could remember the name”.


Discover new places

Discover new places from the community or from people you follow whose taste you like. You can even add a place to your list when you see a place that you think you might like to try.

Traveling somewhere? Use Placelist to ask for reccos or add places to your list before you go somewhere.

Every list can be then filtered by location, type of place (bar, coffee shop or restaurant) or even by interest (egg sandwiches or bloody marys).


Save and share your places

Add new places to your list that you’ve been to, easily search and filter your list by neighborhood, type or interest and share your lists with others.

You can either share individual places or your entire list so people can search your list to find places they might like.

In the future we’ll even allow you the ability to create custom lists - think of them like personalized guides you can create of your fav places for friends visiting from out of town.