It all started when…

There was actually a couple things that happened that made me start this journey of making Placelist.

I live in Brooklyn and go out a lot and while I have my favorite places I would often find myself in situations where I was out with friends and we would be standing on the street trying to think of a place to go nearby.

I particularly remember this one moment where a friend said “Hey remember that place we went to a few weeks ago? It was pretty cool”. But no one could.

I had this kind of moment where I thought, here we are standing on the street, we all have google maps, but yet none of us had an easy way to look up a place that we had gone to or could quickly get ideas of places to go nearby. There was no “list” we could reference.


The second moment I had was when after one of my sisters texted me and asked me for some recommendations of places in my neighborhood (bars or restaurants) she could take a friend who was visiting town.

I found after talking others and even surveying people that this wasn’t uncommon. And while people could text or use google or other services there was nothing that allowed them to easily save, share and discover places they could go from people whose taste they trusted.

So I decided to take this on. Solo. And while it’s been a longer road than I hoped, the journey has also taught me a lot about products, solving problems and trying to create solutions.

But it’s also a story of persistence, self-doubt, frustration and the desire to make something that’s mine.